Strange Cabinet of Deodar (Rare Version) by Ed Massey

(c. 1945)

The Deodar is a strange wood known to the Hindoos as “The Timber of the Gods” — anything made of Deodar is supposed to possess weird and uncanny properties. In “Under the Deodar,” Kipling tells of many strange and illusory happenings in connection with the wood.

A small cabinet with four legs, a door in front and a lid on top, is shown, also several spikes. Cabinet and spikes, performer says, are made of Deodar and therefore the influence of strange gods affects anything that comes in contact with them. Performer shows a drinking glass and places it within the cabinet. He then shoves a spike through a hole in the top and down to bottom of glass. Spike is withdrawn, glass is removed and filled with water, and again placed within the cabinet. Door and lid are closed and spikes are thrust into the various holes on all sides of the cabinet. Cabinet is revolved slowly so that spectators can see both ends of every spike. The impossible seems to have become possible because of the Gods of Deodar.

Spikes are withdrawn, the door opened and there is the glass still filled with water and unharmed; it is removed and offered for close inspection. This effect can become a real illusion even in the hands of a novice; when performed by an experienced professional, it is an outstanding sensation. Can be shown with spectators all around, requires no “set-up,” and is always ready.

Easy to do, but most baffling in effect.

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