Spiritual Release by Jenzo Harmonics

(c. 2016)

One of the earliest tricks I purchased was a version of Ribbon Fantastique by the amazing Ed Massey. This version has an interesting approach, looks great, and has a great patter story.

Throughout the human body there are several Chakra points. These are linked to all of our emotions and instincts. Before you meditate you must have a clear mind. This white plate represents your consciousness. As you meditate you must focus on each of your chakras. Imagine a beam of white light piercing through you. As you focus you should try and feel them connecting. As your positive energy flows from one point to the next … You should begin to feel more centred. Your chakras are aligning, you are feeling calm.

As the light continues through you, you feel an overwhelming sense of oneness. And now you are truly connected you can achieve enlightenment. And your consciousness can rise up from your body. Some call this an out of body experience. If you can reach this point of spiritual release … You can achieve many mystical and magical things.

Much like you have just witnessed here …

Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $139.00 (04/2018) ***

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