Squaring The Triangle by Paul Diamond

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Squaring The Triangle is very similar to Pavel’s Circulation using the same basic method. And both effects use a method that was first used by Bro. John Hamman.

Effect: The magician shows a packet of cards, displaying the face card. It has a green triangle on it. This is dealt face down to the table and the new face card is shown. It is a red triangle. This is dealt down, and the next card shown. A yellow triangle. Then a blue triangle, and a black triangle. The black triangle is placed into your breast pocket, sticking up slightly. After a moment of magic incantation, the cards on the table are shown to now be squares! The card in the packet is shown to now have all Five triangles on it.

The cards provided are printed on heavyweight plastic, so they will last forever — table hoppers will love that they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth!

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