Hoo’s Koin Box by Paul Diamond

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Effect: The 21st century version of all the other Okito coin boxes currently on the market. Comes complete with half dollar size box, lid, Chinese coin and two different gimmick post coins. Holes in bottom and top of box allow spectators to see coins within, at all times. we believe this to be the best coin box available.

Includes these effects:

  1. Three half dollars and one Chinese coin vanish from box while held in spectators hand. Coins are found under table.
  2. A half dollar is placed within the box. The coin is penetrated by a magic wand, chop stick, or pencil. When a Chinese coin is placed within the box, the coin vanishes, and appears threaded on the wand.
  3. The box is filled with coins. Box is placed on back of hand. The coins are seen up to last split second. The coins vanish from the box, penetrate the hand, and fall onto the table.
  4. The box filled with coins is wrapped in handkerchief. The four corners of hank is held together, trapping the box within. The four coins vanish from box, and fall into a glass. Box is then shown empty.
  5. Two coffee cups are shown empty. The box is covered by a coffee cup. The coins vanish from the box, and appear under second coffee cup. Coins are seen in box until last spht second.
  6. Three halves and Chinese coin are placed into box. Chinese coin penetrates hand. Chinese coin is replaced in box. Now the three silver coins penetrate the hand, and Chinese coin is found under your close-up mat.

The special instruction includes five TURNOVER moves.

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Approx. Price: $47.00 (2005) ***

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