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Square Tubes of Pekka by Magic Wagon

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The Square Circle was invented by British Magician Louis S. Histed c. 1930. Here Magic Wagon take on another classic to re-vitalize. Sure it’s an old effect, but just look at all of these beautiful creations together and you’ll certainly feel magical all over again.

Effect: On the performer’s table is seen a platform base and a set of two square tubes. One tube is solid. The other has two solid sides with two square windows, allowing a clear view right through. The tubes are assembled on the platform and the inner tube is lifted and shown unmistakably empty. It is then placed back onto a platform. The performer now reaches into the inner tube and produces a solid object like a cell phone, etc. seemingly from nowhere!

The performer now picks up the outer tube and shows all around, followed by the inner tube again being removed and shown empty from both ends (The spectator is allowed to even stick their hands inside to assure that it is, in fact, empty) and then placed back onto the platform. Immediately, another production of silks begins!

This really creates a very convincing illusion as the tubes both do seem to be truly empty up to the last second and it uses NO body loads or table loads of any kind.

The outer tube is adorned with Dark Mahogany while the inner tube and base of the unit are finished in African Zebra Wood. The photos really don’t do justice to this gorgeous prop. It is absolutely striking in appearance and utterly practical in use.

Square Tube of Pekka is approximately 6.5” high when standing on the 4-leg base and the actual base of the unit is 5 3/4” square. The outer tube is 3.5” square and the inner tube is approximately 3” square and about 5.5” high.

Finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between.

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Approx. Price: $175.00 (2007) ***

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2 reviews for Square Tubes of Pekka by Magic Wagon

  1. Andy Martin

    The Prettiest Square Circle Around!

    The Magic Wagon guys are getting good at making the best versions of some old stand bys, and this Square Circle is no exception.

    Sure it’s an old trick, but just line all of these beautiful creations together and you’ll certainly feel magical all over again.

    Just look at the amazing magic in the Magic Wagon Collectors Line – it is hard to find anyone either today or in the past making such beautiful magic.

    Highly Recommended for Magic Collector’s and appreciators of fine craftsmanship everywhere!

  2. Greg

    And the Winner is…

    The winner is you…if you own this effect from Magic Wagon. I honestly don’t know how this company can turn out such uncompromised quality, time after time, and still continue to beat their customers’ expectations.
    Every magician knows this effect. It’s been produced over the years by dozens of reputable magic manufacturers with stunning results. And then came Magic Wagon, sneaking onto the scene with nary a whisper, only to stun us all with their mind-blowing devotion to producing winner after winner in the realm of beautiful magic props. Somebody stop these guys already before I need a third mortgage. With the Square Tubes of Pekka they took an "oldy but a goody," and turned it into an "oldy but a masterpiece."
    Those descriptions are simply based on appearance. The handling is equally as favorable. The black art is believable, the load area is substantial, and the finish…aside from being attractive, is easy to grip and work with. When you see this piece…and feel it…you’ll be torn on whether to collect it, perform it, or hide it so no one else can have it except you. It is absolutely dazzling.

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