Robin The Hood by Trickery

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Effect: In short, borrowed rings and old coinage are threaded onto leather restraints and tied around a sword. A cow bell is also threaded and secured. The magician places his hands around the entire ensemble while the ends of the restraints are held by audience members.
In a moment, the jewels and coins are impossibly freed from the leather straps. The bell, still secured, rings as an alarm, warning a robbery has been committed.

We select our tricks and effects based on several elements:

  • Entertainment value – will it play for an audience?
  • Intrinsic value – basic and essential features that make it what it is.
  • Intriguing props that are free from trickery – gets the audience’s attention.
  • Borrowed objects – nothing is stronger and more personal.
  • Simplicity – ease of execution and audience understanding.
  • Impossibility – Your audience’s reaction to the miracle you just performed.

Robin the Hood contains all of these elements!

Robin Hood is a hero in English folklore, a highly skilled archer and outlaw. In particular, he is known for “stealing from the rich and giving to the poor,” assisted by a group of fellow outlaws known as his “Merry Men”.

The Sheriff of Nottingham holds the task of capturing outlaws such as Robin Hood, to ensure the safety of trade routes through Sherwood Forest. In some stories, the Sheriff of Nottingham is portrayed as having a lecherous desire for Robin Hood’s lady, Maid Marian.

The two paragraphs above will give you more than enough ideas and possibilities to allow you to create a full routine with Robin the Hood. Select one spectator to hold the sword, another to play the part of Maid Marian, others to loan you rings, two more to play the Sheriff’s henchmen. At this point it becomes live theater with your audience members playing the roles you assign to them. Manage it properly, and they will remember this routine. More importantly, they will remember you for having orchestrated this magical playlet!

In an attempt to capture Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham placed a trap high in the trees. Upon a sword were draped and tied two straps of leather. Jewels and coins were laced through the straps and tied in a bundle. A cow bell was interwoven amongst the loot. If Robin Hood would dare attempt thievery, the bell would ring, alarming the sheriff’s men who would capture Robin Hood and put an end to him.

As cunning as the sheriff was, Robin Hood was even more so!

You are provided with a replica of an old style sword. It includes a sheath to protect your sword and a cap to protect you. It measures 11” in length. You also receive a copper cow bell, 2 leather cords, and 2 coins of old and of course the instructions.

Produced by Howard Baltus’ The Trickery.

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