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Glass and Tray by Mikame Craft

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The Mirror Glass was invented c. 1872 by Viennese master inventor and magician J.N. Hofzinser.  English Magician and Manufacturer J.M Hartz who specialized in glass props started making them c. 1890, and it first appeared in print in 1904 in Hoffmann’s Later Magic.

This Mirror Glass also features a magnet at the bottom, and comes with a beautiful hardwood tray that also has a steel shim in the middle of the tray.

Effect: With this special kit, you can perform a Hydrostatic Glass effect. You can pour milk in the glass and then after a few seconds, take the glass and turn it upside down! Yet, no milk falls out of the glass? Even better you then reach into the glass and remove a beautiful white, 18″ silk!

Yet another effect is to place the glass on the board and pour milk into it. Then you cover the board with a foulard and pick the board up and remove the glass (the audience can clearly see the outline of the glass under the foulard). The board is now tilted down (towards the performer) and set aside. What is left is the magician holding the top of the glass under the foulard, and with a magical gesture – the cup completely vanishes!

Additionally, it can be played with a comedy theme: Some milk is poured into the glass. The glass is put on a tray. A hank is put over the glass and the tray. The glass is picked up from the tray. The hank is thrown away, and the glass disappears. The magician draws the attention to the tray and shows the opposite side, and everyone realizes the glass is stuck on the tray, but when he takes the silk out from the glass, a big applause comes.

All these effects can be performed with this fascinating utility kit from Mikame. As is normal, they are made with excellent attention to detail.

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1 review for Glass and Tray by Mikame Craft

  1. Robert Blake

    Really nice

    Mikame Craft … what else can I say?

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