Rabbit Love (Hip Hop Rabbits) by Thomas Pohle

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The Elusive Rabbits or Hippity-Hop Rabbits was invented by The Great Norman (Norman Hazeldene) c. 1947.

Effect: More Color and More amazement!  This is Thomas’ take on the classic Hip Hop Rabbits and what a beauty it is. He first released this c. 1992 through Zauber Butike.  It is most similar to Chance Wolf’s Micro Hip Hop Magician in that the ending shows one large rabbit instead of two totally different colored rabbits.  However, even here Thomas has a clever strategy – the rabbits are not flush during the performance, but at the end when the large rabbit is revealed they are. Look at the photos to see what I mean.  It is subtleties like this that have kept Thomas at the top of his game for over 30 years.

If you are a collector of Hip Hop Rabbits you have to get this one – Rabbit Love indeed you will most certainly fall in love with these little guys!

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