Poker Predict Deluxe by The Comic Con Magic Shop

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Effect: Introducing Poker Predict! This trick checks ALL of the boxes!

  • Fools everyone – Show it Wherever You Go!
  • Very visual – Your Spectators Will Love it!
  • No force – Your Spectator Truly Can Pick Any Selection!
  • Instant reset – Always Ready To Show!
  • Made to fit in your pocket – Always Have it With You!
  • Very high quality – Will Last a Lifetime With Proper Care!
  • Very easy to do – Perform Like a Pro in Minutes!
  • Extra pocket space – Keep Your Other Gimmicks and Tricks Secure!

The premise is simple – Pull three poker chips of different colors out of your pocket. Ask a spectator to choose any of the three. They can even change their mind if they would like to. Then, in a very clever way – show them that not only did you predict correctly which chip they would choose – but you must have controlled the outcome, because it was the only choice!

These custom wallets were designed with the performer in mind. Not only does this trick stay secure and always ready to use, there are extra spaces to hold your other coins, cards, money, etc. that you want to have with you at all times! This is one that you WILL carry with you always!

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