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Phoenix Watch by Collectors’ Workshop

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Still one of my very favorite items from Collectors’ Workshop. This is the original version which is slightly larger than the current version. The transformation of a watch that “needs assembly” to a fully functioning watch seemingly right under their eyes is a joy to behold!

Effect: A very special effect for closeup and table workers. Performer exhibits a see-thru glass pocket watch containing random gears and parts. “What a deal!” he exclaims, “I got it cheap but it came with a little slip — “Some Assembly Required.”

So saying, the performer wraps the watch in a velvet-like drape, keeping the curved bow in view and attaching a chain. The watch is then handed to a spectator. With a few carefully chosen incantations, the drape is removed. The watch, and all its components, has been fully assembled and is functioning perfectly.

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Approx. Price: $289.00 (2001) ***

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