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Vienna Card Frame by Collectors’ Workshop

(c. 1987) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Previously manufactured by Okito, Conradi, Thayer, and Merv Taylor, we proudly join that procession of craftsmen.

Effect: Our choice of presentation is as follows: Performer displays a deck of cards from which a single card is selected by a spectator. The spectator tears the cards to bits, retaining one piece for later reference. The remaining pieces are caused to vanish. Picking up a finely crafted picture frame, (lustrous black inscribed with a delicate gold piping) the performer describes the ancient magician whose picture is contained within: He is the source of modem sorcery, we are told. The picture is removed and. at the same time, the frame is shown empty.

As the frame is held at arm’s length, literally before the spectator’s eyes, a single piece of the destroyed card reappears in the frame. Again, and again, and again, four discrete pieces are reunited until all but a small corner have been made into one. The card is slowly removed from the frame and handed directly to the spectator who confirms that the final piece matches. It’s visual, wonderful magic. You receive the frame and complete directions. We think you’ll like this.

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Approx. Price: $265.00 (2001) ***

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