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The Pharaoh’s Curse by Alan Warner

(c. 1979) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: Three solid wooden tablets (each approx. 0.6 cm thick) are tipped out of a box and freely displayed by the performer. Two of the tablets are plain on both sides, but the third bears the symbol of the sacred Egyptian scarab. The empty box is then given to a spectator from the audience and once again, the performer draws attention to the scarab on the tablet. BUT SUDDENLY, ON SEPARATING THE TABLETS, IT IS SEEN THAT THE SCARAB HAS DISAPPEARED, LEAVING AN OBLONG HOLE RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE TABLET. The spectator, on being invited to open the box, finds that the mixing oblong piece of wood with the scarab symbol on it has returned to the box.


  • The box (approx. 9 x 6.7 x 4.5 cms) is made in SOLID TEAK.
  • The lid is tastefully decorated with a traditional Egyptian symbol which has been handcrafted in shim brass.
  • The natural wood tablets are finished in a veneer;
  • and the hand-painted scarab is in matt black and red enamel.

Complete with a detailed routine including the fascinating story of the legend of THE PHARAOH’S CURSE.


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Approx. Price: $162.75 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for The Pharaoh’s Curse by Alan Warner

  1. Todd Reis

    Another really nice Warner item

    Very smooth effect. Nice props of course.
    Recommended if found.

  2. Andy Martin

    Great magic and Beautiful props!

    This is a very sweet Alan Warner effect. The props are beautiful and the effect is very clean. You show three thin wood plaques on both sides and there is a Scarab super imposed in the middle of one of them. This cleanly dissappears, leaving a huge hole and arrives back in the box.

    Great stuff!

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