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Eye of Isis by Alan Warner

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A * Mini-Magic * SPECIAL

Effect: From time to time I shall be offering a piece of Mini-Magic apparatus of exceptional quality in its design and craftsmanship. The first of these very special pieces of apparatus, EYE OF ISIS, is a small wooden chest which reputedly contains powers similar to those of the Ark of the Covenant. The wooden tablet contained within the chest, while appearing to be blank, is nevertheless believed to have written down on it the secret of the power of the greatest of all Egyptian Goddesses, Isis. According to legend, should a true believer gaze upon this chest, Isis, ‘Mistress of Magic and Speaker of Spells’, will reveal that secret and endow the beholder with her greatness.

Removing the lid of the chest, the performer displays a fixed inner casket which contains the BLANK WOODEN TABLET. After the lid has been replaced on the chest, a spectator is invited to gaze upon it. The lid is then removed to reveal that the EYE OF ISIS HAS BECOME IMPRINTED ON THE TABLET, an indication that Isis has acknowledged that the spectator is a true believer and that the Goddess is favourably disposed to disclose the secret of her power.

Once again the lid is replaced on the chest and the spectator asked to concentrate. Opening the chest, the performer now reveals that THE EYE OF ISIS HAS DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY and that the secret of the Goddess’s power and greatness has been disclosed, WRITTEN OUT IN EGYPTIAN HEIROGLYPHS THAT HAVE BEEN CARVED INTO THE TABLET!

As with its forerunners, THE PHARAOH’S CURSE and THE TALISMAN, the magic and routine of EYE OF ISIS are most unusual, something completely different, and equally intriguing and mystifying.


  • handcrafted in teak to the high quality of skilled workmanship
  • measures14.5 x 7 cms and stands 6.4 cms high.
  • The chest and inner casket have been inlaid with an attractive narrow strip of wood banding;
  • the lid decorated with polished gemstones which have been set into it to form a symbolical eye.
  • The feet on the chest are of solid brass.

The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

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Approx. Price: $716.00 (2015) ***

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1 review for Eye of Isis by Alan Warner

  1. Andy Martin

    To see is to believe! I have repurchased a few of the Alan Warner teak items over the years since selling off my huge collection more than ten years ago, and this is one of my favorites. To see and touch Alan’s magic is really the only way to appreciate the time and effort he spends on every intricate detail of design and construction.

    This is certainly one of his finer pieces of craftsmanship and the effect is also very clean and surprising. It blends in very nicely with his other Egyptian effects.

    If you have never seen Alan’s magic up close he is still selling his beautiful magic and you can see what is available and purchase from Alan directly by going to this site. You will not be disappointed!

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