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Chop Cup by Johnson Products

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Effect: Johnson Products has finally produced a Chop Cup that exactly matches their Cups and Balls. Perform the classic Chop Cup routine or combine one or more Chop Cups to create a mind-bending Cup and Ball routine. This beautiful gimmicked cup is machined from a solid piece of brass and comes with two hand-crocheted cork balls and a handsome black-velvet carrying bag.

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Approx. Price: $150.00 (2006) ***

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1 review for Chop Cup by Johnson Products

  1. Andy Martin

    So beautiful you should buy 3!

    My advice to people buying the Johnson Chop Cup is buy 3 instead and don’t even bother getting the normal cups! I can’t tell the difference between the cups and having 3 chops is always better than 1!

    I know the Johnson cups are a well respected in the industry as a fine set of medium priced cups. For the price I find it hard to see how they can be beat. They are a great weight, look great, and handle smoothly.

    The chop cup itself is weighted just right too.

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