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Sewell Block on Rod and Norman Block Vanish by Paul Lembo

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Wow a really stunning and clever beauty custom made by Paul Lembo, just four of these were made. The classic Norman Block Vanish (c. 1947 by The Great Norman – aka Norman Hazeldene) and Sewell Block on rod (c. 1940 by Len J. Sewell) are brought together to create an amazing illusion.

Effect: Block is encased in black cage and covered, the cabinet is shown empty and brass rod inserted and door closed. The block vanishes from the pedestal leaving just the black cage and appears on rod in cabinet. A mysterious transposition.

(Please notice the video shown is for a related product: The Cube of Confucius and The Sewell Block on Rod and not the Norman Block Vanish, but it serves as a good illustration of the effect.)

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Approx. Price: $1300.00 (2015) ***

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1 review for Sewell Block on Rod and Norman Block Vanish by Paul Lembo

  1. Andy Martin

    Wow what an impressive piece of magic from Paul Lembo’s private collection! Only 4 of these were made and it is large and gorgeous and amazing to see. The Sewell Block on Rod appearance defies explanation because you can really see all around and through and there are no signs of the box. And yet a really solid and heavy block arrives magically on the solid brass rod after vanishing just as cleanly on the other pedestal without any explanation! This is one of Paul’s great reproductions and there are very few craftsmen left who pay this much attention to detail on this larger stage size scale. Really wonderful Paul!

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