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Nomadic Void by Definitive Magic, Tom Minnich

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This item was originally invented by Tom Minnich and released by Paul Diamond as The Travelling Hole.

From the days when Howard Baltus and Bob Solari were producing great magic together as Definitive Magic this item was a real clever idea.

Effect: Two plastic cards are displayed. One is black on both sides; the other is white on both sides. The black card is solid; the white card has a hole in the middle. The white card is placed on top of the black card. The spectators can see the solid black card through the hole in the white card. The cards are criss-crossed. The white card is moved around so the entire solid black card can be seen through the hole. As you separate the cards, the hole magically transfers to the black card! A black solid dot now appears on the white card!

Also available in a Jumbo Size version.

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Approx. Price: $12.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for Nomadic Void by Definitive Magic, Tom Minnich

  1. Andy Martin

    This is very, very clever.

    No moves or anything sneaky. Just looks like great magic! Now what about a nicer one in exotic woods or brass Howie and Bob?

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