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Mystic Tubes of Sea-Ling by Richard Gerlitz

Another great close-up item from Richard Gerlitz.

Approx. Price: $100.00 (06/2004) ***

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1 review for Mystic Tubes of Sea-Ling by Richard Gerlitz

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Guerra

    Newton’s Nightmare OUTDONE!

    Richard Gerlitz has the ability to study a standard effect or idea, see the potential, and take it to that next level. He embellishes it with markedly improved quality props and a patter that makes sense to the magic. He did this with an interesting effect called "Hydro Die". The method was a great concept but it just seemed awkward to have a die in a column of water. Richard re-invented this effect with the release of "Lead to Gold" and the result was entertaining and smooth flowing magic.

    Well, Richard has done the same with "Newton’s Nightmare". This effect was released in a deluxe version by Wellington Enterprise, followed by a simpler cheap prop on the market. Both were made in aluminum. Paul Green also released "Field Sobriety Test" based on the same idea. Now, we have the Gerlitz touch and what I believe is the ultimate version of this effect.

    First, the props are a joy. Two, not one, 6-inch solid brass tubes are used. The diameter is 5/8 inch and the wall thickness is over 1/16 inch around. These are definitely not flimsy metal tubes but hefty well-machined props. The tubes are polished and decorated with black banding at each end and a center Oriental dragon design as pictured. They are a beauty to own and use.

    One always hears that presentation is the key to any magic performance. Well, Richard uses the idea of Ying and Yang, represented by each tube to validate the magic. Apart, the tubes are "normal" but bring the tubes together and in unity the magic occurs as the steel ball warps the law of gravity. I like the acrobatic interplay between the two tubes as shown on Richard’s video demonstration. The slow falling ball is "caught" in the second tube held below. The action is repeated several times, in a sort of a loop, with reversing the tubes till the performer eventually decides to catch the ball in the palm. Separate the tubes and gravity becomes normal again, the harmony of Ying and Yang broken. What a great routine! Here is another winner and probably the nicest of his "affordable" releases to date.

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