The Box/Micro Metamorphosis by Repro 71, Topper Martyn

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This is a high-end version of the Mexican Bill Box here.

Effect: In very simple terms, it is a small wooden box made from mahogany. It looks like a small ‘packing case’. In the top is a door, securely padlocked shut. It may be scrupulously examined … yet there is an instant and easy secret mode of access. Thus it may be used like a ‘bill tube’ or a ‘watch box’ even when The Box is inside a drawer string bag, the performer may easily introduce an object secretly into it.

The uses for this versatile apparatus are legion. A borrowed ring or watch may be vanished and reproduced locked inside, the spectator himself may open the box and retrieve the treasured item. It may be used by the mentalist as a prediction chest. It may be sent to your newspaper editor and used in a ‘headline prediction’. There is not room here to list all of the possibilities. In addition to the full instructions we supply a very entertaining routine by Topper Martyn called ‘Micro Metamorphosis’ It is a close-up version of the substitution trunk, using two borrowed finger rings.

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