Lucky Combination by El Duco’s Magic

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Effect: A lady from the audience is invited to assist. You ask to borrow her finger ring. You admire her ring and assure her that you will keep it in a safe place. In saying that you present a combination padlock and put the ring on to the lock and close it. Nobody can open the lock without knowing the combination. You hand over the locked ring to the lady to try for herself. Of course she can’t open it. Tell the audience that you will perform a ring and rope routine. Let the spectator examine a rope. “I will put your ring on the rope. ” You take the lock and start to set the secret combination. You try several times but the lock doesn’t open. “/ think I have forgotten the combination’, you tell her. Pretend to be nervous about it but smile and say: “Oh, when things like this happen I always have a solution.”

You take five beautiful, high quality chips made of brass from your pocket and show them to everybody. ”As you see there are different numbers printed on these chips as a memo for the five padlocks I have. Maybe you can help me find the right combination to this very lock so we can continue with the rope trick?”, you ask the lady. Turn all five chips face down and mix them on the table. The spectator selects one. There is no force involved in any way! The selected chip is placed in her closed hand. You can also place the selected chip in a match box if you prefer. Put the remaining chips back in your pocket. Ask the spectator to read the number on her chip. Let’s say it is “128”. She takes the lock and sets it to this combination. The lock opens right away and the ring is free!!!

You can stop there if you want. You have already performed a miracle, but if you prefer you may finish with the ring and rope routine.

Please note the following:

  • The combination lock is NOT gimmicked in any way
  • There are only five chips.
  • No forces or switches.
  • The chips can be examined.

A very entertaining routine with first class quality props!

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