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Kubika (Painted) by Alan Warner

(c. 1975) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: A small, oblong wooden block, a wooden cover and a length of ribbon are HANDED OUT FOR EXAMINATION. The performer then places the block inside the cover. Slots in two sides of the cover and a slot through the block allow the performer to thread the ribbon through the cover and the block, thereby imprisoning the block inside the cover. The performer now takes hold of the ends of the ribbon in each hand and allows the cover to hang in mid-air on the middle of the ribbon.

On command, THE BLOCK THEN FALLS FREE, apparently penetrating the ribbon which still runs through the cover.

Entirely self-contained: easy to do: ABSOLUTELY NO FANCY THREADING INVOLVED.



  • The cover is beautifully done in gloss black and white lacquers with black trim.
  • The block in black lacquer.
  • The ribbon, is a bright orange in colour.

The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

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Approx. Price: $135.00 (2003) ***

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1 review for Kubika (Painted) by Alan Warner

  1. George Guerra

    Love this version!

    Kubika was recently re-released in teak as part of the Warner’s Millennium Collection that was limited to 12 sets only. This "original" painted item is a joy and a great companion to the teak version. Glossy whites and blacks add such a classy look. Bright orange ribbon imbeds the black block inside the tube but, say the magic word, and it penetrates with ease. What a craftsman…the modern Taytelbaum.

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