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Ko Chang Paddle by Magic Wagon

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Effect: Beautiful teak wood paddle with three small holes is displayed, and shown on both sides. As the performer passes his hand over the paddle, the holes magically enlarge completely on both sides. The performer then passes his hand over the paddle once again, and the holes change to an even bigger size. Finally, the paddle is given out for minute inspection.

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1 review for Ko Chang Paddle by Magic Wagon

  1. Greg

    Pity of a Paddle

    This paddle looks good, feels good, and the effect sounds good. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t work good. The handle of the paddle is basically the same dimensions as a popsicle stick, and just too thin to successfully maneuver and perform the classic paddle move. At least not with any degree of confidence.

    Without giving away the method, I can see why the paddle was designed the way it was. The construction allows the paddle to appear the same at the beginning of the routine as it does at the end. Still, one has to wonder who, if anyone, actually performed with this item before it was produced en masse.

    As the old adage states, "form follows function." Unfortunately in this case, this form doesn’t function.

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