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Amazing Jumping Arrow by Mark K. Young

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Effect: The Amazing Jumping Arrow is destined to become a classic. Crafted from aluminum specifically for this effect, then anodized and engraved, this elegant prop produces a beautiful routine in which a variety of amazing, amusing visual effects take place — each more incredible than the last. Best of all, the paddle can be handed out for examination at the routine’s conclusion!

You start off with a paddle blank on both sides…then an arrow (engraved and highlighted) appears on one end. The arrow moves to the middle, then to the far end. It’s shaken from spot to spot, then slid. It multiplies, and even jumps about on its own volition. In one wild sequence, the arrows on the paddle refuse to cooperate and apparently lead one another from place to place! Finally, an arrow is visibly split in two and the paddle is handed out for examination.

The Amazing Jumping Arrow is easy to do and produces not one moment of magic…or two…or three, but a symphony of entertaining eyeball-poppers that will make this trick one you will carry with you — always. Comes complete with paddle and photo-illustrated instructions.

The big problem with paddle tricks is that they look like exactly what they are – something that you bought at the magic shop. The two best paddle tricks in magic use ordinary objects – the Dr. Sach’s Dice routine, and the classic effect with a table knife and small bits of paper (John Carney does this trick to perfection). “The Amazing Jumping Arrow” by Mark K. Young unfortunately falls into the category of blatant magic prop. The magician shows a small (3 x .25 x .125 inch) anodized aluminum rod. The rod is blank on both sides. A small white arrow appears at one end of the rod. Another arrow appears on the other side of the rod. One arrow is slid to the middle of the rod. The arrow on the opposite side of the rod is slid to the middle, but as this happens the arrow on the other side slides back to the end. Finally, each arrow is slid to the middle. As a climax, one of the arrows is split into two, one at each end of the rod. The rod is handed out for examination.

There is nothing really wrong with this trick, except for the fact that it looks like a magic prop and the ending is weak. To me, handing out the rod with an arrow on each end on one side and another arrow in the middle of the other side simply gives an intelligent spectator the opportunity to see how the trick works. There is no strong climax. (Compare this to the standard “Jumping Gems” routine that ends with the production of a ruby – a real surprise.) The rod handles very well, and its size makes doing the paddle move a breeze. This type of trick leaves me completely cold, but if you enjoy this type of thing you’ll probably have fun with “The Amazing Jumping Arrow.”

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, August 2000)
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1 review for Amazing Jumping Arrow by Mark K. Young

  1. Richard M. Mendez

    Amazing is an understatement…

    This was my star paddle until I discovered Terry LaGerould’s "Baffle Bat" which actually takes this effect several step further; however, this paddle is still very practical and extremely visual! The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is because of it’s tiny size which limits this paddle to close proximity. Aside from that its a must have for serious close-up illusionists. Comes highly recommended.

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