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Chinca Chinca by Tommy van Rhee, Anverdi

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These were created and routined by Anverdi and Tommy van Rhee in Holland and sold by dealers such as Ken Brooke.

Effect: These props were made for the classic “Chink-a-Chink” routine. The props handle very well, especially with the deluxe addition feature with the shell locking on to one of the solid Chincas. They are so well made that they may be examined by a spectator (if you chose) when the shell is locked in place!

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Approx. Price: $150.00 (2006) ***

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1 review for Chinca Chinca by Tommy van Rhee, Anverdi

  1. George Guerra

    Unusual props for a popular effect

    This is quite a collectible, but only because it’s an Anverdi. I have always been interested in the matrix assembly effect and these Oriental "stones" are an offbeat set of props to perform this trick. One problem I have with these small stones lies in their handling throughout the effect. A semi-close fist is recommended in the instructions for that special move and that looks suspicious to me. I would prefer a more flat hand approach but it’s difficult with these small cylinders. It could be just me but clearly plenty of practice and skill is needed; certainly not an apparatus for beginners. I do like the clever "locking" feature in the main gimmick so the "stones" can be passed out for examination at the end.

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