Hugs and Kisses by Al Schneider, Sterling Magic

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It is easy to have the belief that when you buy gimmicked coins you won’t really need to do any sleights. In the case of this effect it is not true. The gimmicks are very nicely made, and create an impossible effect. However, to do this convincingly requires a fair amount of practice of some standard sleights.

Of course, once you have mastered the moves you will have an absolute miracle on your hands and feel pretty proud of yourself at the same time!

Effect: Killer multi-phase coin magic with an impossible kicker ending! Each coin is fashioned by hand with precision craftsmanship.

Show your audience six coins; three copper and three silver. The copper coins have hugs drilled through them and the silver coins have kisses. These coins are separated, the three copper coins placed under one playing card, and the three silver coins placed under another playing card. With a snap of the fingers, two of the coins change place!

The coins are covered again. When the cards are removed, two more coins have switched places! One last time the coins are covered. When the cards are removed, the hugs and kisses have switched coins entirely! The silver coins now have hugs and the copper coins have kisses!

Rarely do you find such a complete coin routine that actually holds the spectator’s attention. Even magicians are baffled and surprised by the kicker ending!

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