Al Schneider on Coins by Al Schneider

(c. 1975) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Al Schneider on Coins was first published in 1975. I received a letter some time after it was put on the market for sale. The letter was from a young man that had purchased the book. He stated that he had ordered the book via mail and was very anxious to get it. However, when he received it he was very upset. It was only about a hundred pages long and he felt he had paid a great deal of money for it. He said he threw it across the room and it slid under the radiator in his bedroom. It lay there for some time. One day, during some serious house cleaning, he swept the dust out from under the radiator. The book came out with the dust. Now, his anger dissipated, he sat on the edge of his bed and opened the pages to see what he could see. Long after this he decided to write me the letter. He had long since read all the tricks in the book and pondered over them. However, even after that he would pick up the book and read various parts of it. He said each time he did that he would discover something new. To him it was a book that he would never finish reading. He thanked me for writing it and said it was his favorite book.

Many people have pressured me to come out with it again. The age of the Internet somewhat simplifies things so I am making the book available again. The pictures have been digitally copied from one of my last copies and the text has been reentered into a computer. A few things have been updated to improve grammar and fix mistakes in the material. For the most part it is the way it was back in 1975. The pictures are sometimes confusing. 

Initially edited by John Braun; Photography by John Ghastin; Initial Cover by Frank Tougas

Contents (from book ToC): 
4 Forward 
6 Introduction 
7 Chapter One: Six Properties Of Deception 
11 Chapter Two: Vanishes 
11 Schneider Vanish 
15 Schneider Classic Vanish 
18 Snap Back Vanish 
19 Finger Clip Vanish 
22 Chapter Three: Miscellaneous Moves 
22 Pop-Up-Coin Move 
26 Twirl Load 
29 Hand Load 
31 Chapter Four: Coins Across 
31 Quick Silver
36 Quick Centavos
41 Crossed Cards I
48 Crossed Cards II
55 Chapter Five: Coins Through The Table
55 Three Halves Through
61 Quick Shot
64 Chapter Six: Box Routines
64 One Half Gone
68 Soc II
80 Chapter Seven: Hank Bits
80 One Coin Through
82 Coin Growth
87 Chapter Eight: Heavy Manipulation
87 Dynamic Coin
91 Tri-Vanish

  • Publisher: Al Schneider
  • Pages: 95
  • Location: USA
  • Edited by: John Braun
  • Dimensions: 5″x8″
  • Date: 1975
  • Binding: softbound

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