Haunted Hanky by George Blake, Supreme Magic Company

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This wonderful Haunted Hanky effect was invented by George Blake c. 1962 and I used to open my kids show for years with it as I talked about the magic spirits we needed to do the show. I’d kneel down on the floor with all the kids around me and you should have seen their faces when the hanky moved. It was a great bit!  Everything is self contained and there are no threads or attachments – it really looks uncanny.

Effect: In describing this effect, I have only one fear. “YOU JUST WON’T BELIEVE THE DESCRIPTION.” Yet every word is true, and if you could only SEE the effect you’d admit you haven’t a clue! This is JUST what happens. An 18-inch silk is freely displayed, both sides are laid upon the table. The corners are folded in to the center and then the fun begins.

The Hanky rises in the center to a height of nearly three inches, then goes down flat on table. Next it rises IN A DIFFERENT SPOT and goes down. It may even rise in a third place, YET WHEN THE CORNERS ARE BLOWN OUT FLAT, THERE IS NOTHING TO.SEE! You need nothing else but the Hanky supplied as it is self-contained and always ready. The effect may be repeated as many times as wanted with no resetting and may be freely shown at any time. Folds to 4-inch square and into triangle half that size to place in coat or shirt pocket. They are all saying “The weirdest bit of magic I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

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