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Haunted Bottle (Natural) by Viking Mfg.

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Another Classic from George Robinson created with the care and precision that Viking are famous for.

Effect: A small wooden bottle sealed with a stopper is removed from a cloth pouch. The Magus relates the manner in which he came by this unusual artifact and the secret it contains. “The bottle actually contains the spirit of a Genie; a wizard from long ago. This tattered parchment tells the tale and the secret to controlling the Genie within this little bottle. It helps us translate the weird and mysterious glyphs on the base of the bottle.”

This is a great routine full of mystery and Magick. The bottle can be made to lay down or remain upright. The performer is in complete control (as long as the Genie remains happy). This is not your standard Imp in the Bottle effect. A completely unique principle is used here and the spectators will not be able to discover the secret.

The bottle can be made to slowly tip over on your palm and suddenly stand upright. If the spectator tries to duplicate your feat, he will be unsuccessful. Remember, no little iron rod to secretly remove. No magnets, wires or invisible thread.

The routine and ancient parchment that is included makes this a wonderful story-telling effect.

Bottle and stopper are hand-turned of select hardwood, then hand polished and rubbed to achieve the beautiful luster of a precious artifact. Another quality item from Viking Mfg. Co. Size: approx. 3 1/8″ tall x 2 3/4″ wide at the base. Available in Natural or Ebony finish.

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Approx. Price: $45.00 (2004) ***

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2 reviews for Haunted Bottle (Natural) by Viking Mfg.

  1. Andy Martin

    Grab these while you can!

    As I look at all the magic I’ve puchased over the last 32 years it becomes very clear to me that there are very few real craftsmen around still making quality magic. Craftsmen like Alan Warner, Mel Babcock, and Richard Gerlitz are all on my list of course. But sometimes I forget to add to that same list: George Robinson of Viking Mfg./Collector’s Workshop. When I look at the quality that he consistently pumps out it is quite amazing, and then you factor in the price – there is noone else in the industry, period, that produces the same quality at the same price.

    This little bottle is a wonderful piece that you will be proud to own. It is easy to do and comes with some great ideas. I suggest you snap these up because I don’t know how George is able to offer these at such low prices. For the amount of work involved they are a huge deal!

    In fact I would say the same thing about a lot of Viking pieces – George has kept his prices very low for a long time. You can get some of the same effects for less from the rip-off guys, but if you want the real deal pay a fraction more and you will be much happier. Viking quality really shines when you take the time to appreciate it.

    I suggest you point your browser to the Viking site and load up on many of the cool effects that George has to offer – I have owned nearly all of the pieces from the current Viking catalog, and only now am really starting to appreciate how much better they are than so much of the other dross out there.

  2. George Guerra

    Now, this is an Imp Bottle!

    I just this received this "little" magic. I had ordered it based on the review from Andy Martin. I love natural wood magic apparatus and I had owned, as a kid, the Adams Imp Bottle. So this was nostalgia calling to me when I first heared of it. First, it’s definitely a good sized, "hefty", bottle compared to the plastic Imp Bottle from Adams and the working is similar but the gimmick is not the same as in the original. I would give the handling a 4 star (sorry, I can’t say more without devulging the secret), but the craftsmanship of the bottle and the innovation on the method are first class, so I give the overall effect a 5 star rating.

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