Crystal Fantasy Smoke II by Viking Mfg.

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Effect: As far back as the days of Chung Ling Soo, magicians have used a variety of chemicals and gimmicks to produce smoke within a sealed glass container. Up until now, dangerous chemicals or complicated mechanical arrangements were the only methods available for the presentation of this most fantastic and mystifying effect. Now, we are pleased to offer the Crystal Fantasy! Begin by displaying a crystal clear goblet which you wipe clean both inside and out with a silk handkerchief.

Bring out a pack of cigarettes, remove one cigarette and, using the pack itself, seal the mouth of the goblet by blocking the opening. Drape the silk handkerchief over the glass. Step a few feet to one side, light the cigarette and blow some smoke in the direction of the sealed glass. After a few magical passes, remove the silk and the interior of the glass is filled with dense smoke!! Tilt the goblet to allow the smoke to slowly pour from the glass! This is one of the prettiest and graceful acts in magic. An amazing mood is set as you perform this classic effect! No harsh chemicals or acids are used.

Ready to perform at a moment’s notice. Completely self-contained; virtually nothing to go wrong. Uses state of the art electronics! Comes complete with gimmick, silk, glass, plus a routine for non-smokers! Great for spirit seances as well! Highly recommended.

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