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Grosvenor Square House – Moriarty’s Secret Room by Francois Danis

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Effect: The Professor Moriarty is hidden in a secret room. Sherlock Holmes has to find the opening of this secret place and so will be able to arrest Moriarty. A mahogany chest has a triangular shaped recess on its lid. This recess contains a curious puzzle made of maple tiles. When the lid is opened, the box is found to be empty, there is just a little rectangular wooden tile. The lid is shut. The puzzle is dismantled, then built again in a different manner. When all the puzzle’s tiles are back in place, there is just enough room left, to insert the little rectangular wooden tile previously found in the box. The box is opened again to reveal that Professor Moriarty has made his apparition !

The box is made of mahogany and boxwood. The tiles are made with maple and the plaque with Moriarty is made of boxwood. The woods have received a natural oil finish, and a coat of wax. All is hand made, each set is numbered and signed. It comes with fully detailed instructions.

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Approx. Price: $170.00 (2011) ***

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