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Canopic Jar Ritual by Francois Danis

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The Canopic Jar Ritual (inspired by The Cork Penetration from Eddy Taytelbaum)

Effect: “The city of Thebes was mourning the loss of Pharaoh and his wife who had died at the same time from a terrible disease. Their faces covered by mud, men and women were lying in the street of Thebes throwing dust on their bodies. Bands of crying women were walking in the street hitting their chests and yelling all around their despair…”

This is with this patter that the Magician explains the embalming ritual as it was done in ancient Egypt. To illustrate his words, he made a card representing the Pharaoh, or a card representing his wife passes through a canopic jar in impossible conditions. Here are splendid props made to perform a great miracle for your audience. The frame is made with ebony wood and maple inlay all around the edges. The golden trim and the medium gloss lacquer give a great look to this frame. The canopic jars are turned from ash tree. The carrying case is made of beautiful thin oak plywood, all the props are hand made. Each set is numbered and signed and comes with fully detailed instructions.

This effect is for the performer who likes to tell story, and make his audience travel in history and in the outer world. A great item to collect and to perform with!

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2007) ***

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1 review for Canopic Jar Ritual by Francois Danis

  1. Doug King

    Another beauty!

    Francois Danis has done it again with this beauty! I love how he is "boxing" each of his new effects. Very classy, indeed! He takes time on each piece… and his perfectionism shows on this effect.

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