Grandpa’s Pipe (Opas Wurfel-Pfeife) by Magiro

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A rare and unusual prop from Magiro that provides a clean way to force any one of 4 numbers of the die. The whole outfit can be fully examined and there is nothing added or taken away. I have never seen one like this before and of course with Magiro behind it you know the method is going to be clever!  It was originally released by Magiro himself c. 2002 and then later by Zauber Butike c. 2014.

Effect: The pipe is handed to a spectator who is allowed to check this out. He places the die inside the cup and cups his hand over it and shakes. Then checks the result by removing his hand and looking into the cup. All appears quite ordinary and the result varies greatly.

Now the magician does the same thing but he is able to predict the number that is facing up in the cup before removing his hand. He is correct. Now the magician offers to repeat the feat but makes it even more difficult. He writes a number on a small piece of paper, folds it and hands it to a spectator to safeguard. He rolls the dice (or lets a spectator roll) in the described manner and then reveals the number. Spectator checks and it matches the prediction he was safeguarding.

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