Anti Matter Generator (Der Antimateriegeber) by Magiro, Werry

(c. 1975,1990) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Another clever idea from Magiro with the help of German magician, inventor, manufacturer and dealer Werry (Werner Geissler), who worked primarily with Magiro during the 1970’s, after which c. 1984  Magiro worked mostly with Eckhard Boettcher of Zauber Butike fame.

This idea began with one of Magiro’s most popular and sought after effects Babuska, but was reworked and simplified without the doll figure.  The resulting illusion and method is easier to do and just as confounding.  From the audience perspective it it also similar to that other Magiro classic Hydro Die – but without the water!

Effect: A small block disappears from a crystal clear container right in front of the spectator after being briefly covered by the opaque cover.

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