Gilbreath Color Magnets by Limited Edition Magic

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The latest Limited Edition Magic release is a perfect replication of this rare (and extremely clever) piece of magic invented by Norman Gilbreath c. 1958 and released by him c. 1966. 

Effect: Performer opens a small fitted carrying case which holds four bar magnets, one blue, one red, one yellow and one white, along with three poker-chip sized metal discs colored red, yellow and blue. The props are handled and displayed very cleanly.

The red bar magnet is held above the red colored metal chip and the chip attracts and clings to it as expected. However, when the same red bar magnet is placed near the other colored chips….nothing happens! The magnet may even be placed directly onto the other chips, but nothing happens. Amazingly, the red bar magnet will only attract the red colored disc!

This is repeated with the yellow and blue bar magnets, and they will only attract the discs of the same color!

For the killer ending, the white bar magnet is touched to each of the colored discs but they will not cling to the magnet. The performer explains that since white is actually the presence of all colors he then stacks the three different colored discs together. This time when the white bar magnet: comes near the discs, it picks up the entire stack!

It might not read well, but it looks impossible when performed. And the props supplied are beautifully made. A lot of precision work is involved. All of the pieces fit inside the carrying case which opens as a performing surface. There are no magnets hidden in the case and no external gimmicks worn by the performer. Ingenious method and clever handling.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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