EZ 2 DO Cap In Bottle by Frank Ramirez, Chris Kenworthey

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Effect: The conjuror openly displays a regular size soda bottle. The audience can see clear through it. Empty, empty, empty as a politician’s promise. Removing the cap, you caution the audience not to blink as they are about to witness the inexplicable. Instantly, you throw the cap into the bottle, penetrating matter through matter. One second it’s on the outside, and the next second it’s trapped inside the bottle. Now, for the kicker – immediately the bottle with enveloped cap are placed in your audience’s eagerly awaiting hands defying all attempts at explaining the cap’s mysterious penetration into the bottle. (Note, even purchasers of this effect will ponder this. It’s one of those tricks that fools yourself).

After the audience returns the bottle, the performer just as deftly shakes it, rattling the cap (and subsequently) the audience’s brains, when lo and behold , the cap melts through the bottle a second time, thus escaping to the outside. In all honesty, religions have been started with less. The reaction on your audience’s faces will be speechless awe. Truly, the “EZ TO DO CAP IN BOTTLE PLUS” illusion bespeaks enchantment. Bewilder and spellbind your spectators with a miracle that takes disbelief to a new height. This is magic designed to enthrall and fracture the most discerning crowd. Be warned, though, after one performance an encore may be somewhat elusive.

Below are some of the key points worthy of your attention:

  1. Little if any skill is required to perform the effect. (Very easy to do. Borders on being self-contained).
  2. Bottle with cap can be handed out for scrupulous inspection without fear of detection. Your audience will have no clue as to how the cap gets into the bottle!
  3. Resets in 3 seconds or less.
  4. Can be used anytime during your act.
  5. Shows up well on stage, parlor or even close up.
  6. Supplied complete with two very special gimmicks that make this jawdropping, inscrutable phenomenon a once in a millennium effect.
  7. Order one and start fooling the magic cognoscenti.
  8. This illusion was honored recently with front page prominence in Tannen’s prestigious “Top Hat Topics’ newsletter and sold out 4 times in a matter of weeks. Owners of trick can appreciate why.

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