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Enchanted Ring (Aluminum) by Anverdi, Tannen’s

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Effect: The Enchanted Ring with a beautiful Black Anodized Aluminum Case after the original version here, also a Tannen’s exclusive. Working with the simplest of props: a metal ring, 1″ cube of black Aluminum with a slot to hold the ring, and a pin, you are all set to baffle anyone.

The Aluminum cube is shown and the metal ring placed into its slot. The pin is inserted through the hole in the cube to secure the ring into the cube. The spectator SEES the pin holding the ring in place. He can even pull on the ring to see that it is securely held in place. The spectator holds out one finger. The magician places ring on the spectator’s extended finger—the cube is now suspended in midair. The magician now places his palm face up and asks the spectator to touch his palm with the bottom of the box. The moment the box touches the magician’s palm IT IS IMMEDIATELY FREE FROM THE RING – which is still held by the spectator.

At this point, all can be handed to the spectator for full and complete examination: the ring, block, and pin. NOTHING has been added or taken away from to create one of the most baffling, beautiful penetrations ever devised, truly the “Perfect Penetration”.

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2014) ***

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