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Double Wrist Reel by Repro 71

(c. 1976) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

When I was a teenager growing up in the UK I used to look forward to Ron MacMillan’s One Day Convention (Ron’s Day) in London each year. There was always some great magicians (Bob Read, Al Goshman, Paul Daniels, Tommy Cooper, Terry Seabrooke, Al Goshman, the list goes on) and a wonderful packed dealers room.

Effect: To this day I remember some tall magician (sadly I don’t remember his name) walking around repeatedly suspending a deck of cards like a bridge between his hands.

It always amazed me but I did not find out how he did it until years later. Of course he was using a Double Wrist Reel. It turns out only some reels do the job and this one from Repro 71 is perfect for the effect. And this reel doesn’t require any clean-up when you are done so you start clean and end clean. It does take practice but having the correct reel is 80% of the battle! Maybe one day I’ll put the time in to do the effect justice – when done well it is a wonderful illusion. It must be I remember it from over 40 years ago!

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