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Ultimate Brainwave Deck by Card-Shark

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Effect: This is the cleanest approach to a Brainwave Deck ever.

You take a red deck out of a red card case (also available in blue back version). You can show all faces as you really have a complete deck. Let your spectators name any card they want, or – even better – ask three different spectators for three different cards. No force, no stooges, no sleights!

You spread the deck to find the three named cards. Take out the three cards and place them in front of the deck. Turn over the deck and spread it openly to show a complete red deck. Then – one by one – turn over the chosen cards to show that they are all blue!

This is by far the cleanest, fairest and easiest Brainwave effect. Other presentations are possible, perhaps you can also reveal a single card only. You could even spot the selected cards from the back as the backs are marked. Your creativity will be your limitation.

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1 review for Ultimate Brainwave Deck by Card-Shark

  1. Andy Martin

    Surely This is the Ultimate Brainwave?

    If you are a lover of the Brainwave effect I don’t think anything gets cleaner than this version from Card-Shark. You can clearly show all 52 cards and any card they chose you can pull out and place directly on the table face up. Now you show very cleanly the backs of all of the cards – they are all blue. The only card with a red back is the one they selected. They don’t see 26 cards but 52 face-up and face-down.

    This IS the Ultimate Brainwave and I’m done searching for a better version of this classic.

    Love it!

    Highly Recommended for Strolling and Close-up Performers and anyone who loves clean card miracles.

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