Dice Stack by El Duco’s Magic

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Effect: El Duco’s Dice Stack, a fantastic new close-up routine with dice. Bring out three 1″ dice. Two of the dice are yellow and one is red. Each of the dice has a hole drilled through the middle. Stack the three dice on a metal rod attached to a wooden base. The red die is in the middle of the stack. Show an empty square tube and cover the dice stack.

The dice are now completely isolated. Loop a ribbon around the square tube, tie a knot in the ribbon then slide it off of the tube. In a wink, the red die appears tied to the ribbon!! Ask a spectator to lift the tube. The red die is missing! Only the two yellow dice remain on the rod!!

Everything’ can be examined! Easy to perform. Dice Stack is powerful, visual magic with first class props!

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Approx. Price: $40.00 (2000) ***

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