Magic Flashlight by El Duco’s Magic

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Effect: Show a small red silk, and tuck it into your left fist. Hand the MAGIC FLASHLIGHT to a spectator and ask him to aim the beam at your closed fist (the flashlight is about 4″ long). “The beam of the flashlight will make the silk disappear!” For some reason, the flashlight will not light. Hmmmmmmm. Ask him to check the battery.

When he opens the flashlight, the battery is gone, and the RED SILK is INSIDE!
Open your hand, and there is the battery! Give the spectator the battery and ask him to put it back in the flashlight. Once again, you tuck the silk into your fist. Now, the spectator turns on the flashlight, and it works! He aims the beam at your fist. When you open your hand, the SILK IS GONE!

And, all may be examined! MAGIC FLASHLIGHT is a delightful close-up routine. Easy to do. No thumb-tips, no pulls! It’s all mechanical.

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