Deadlock by David Acer, Patrick Raymond

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Effect: Imagine this!… The magician introduces a padlock, opens it, then borrows a ring from a spectator. The ring is threaded onto the loop of the lock, then the lock is snapped shut, whereupon the whole affair is covered by a handkerchief. A spectator is asked to take hold of his ring through the handkerchief, such that he is certain it is safe.

The magician introduces his own finger ring, whereupon it changes instantly into the spectator’s ring! The spectator lifts the handkerchief, showing that now, locked securely onto the padlock, is the magician’s finger ring!

David Acer’s devastating “Ringmaster” is just one possible routine with Patrick Reymond’s ingenious new Deadlock gimmick! It’s a brand new utility item that will open the door to miracles you never thought possible!

Comes complete with a specially machined padlock, 2 wedding-band style finger rings, and 20-page instruction booklet featuring 3 routines from the minds of Reymond and Acer!

This is a utility prop from France’s Patrick Reymond. Here’s one possible effect (created by David Acer): The magician shows a small padlock. (This is like a luggage lock, in which the combination is set by turning three small dials.) The magician borrows a spectator’s finger ring, threads it onto the loop of the lock, and then snaps the lock shut. The lock is placed under a handkerchief and the spectator holds the ring (and the lock) through the hank. The magician removes his own finger ring and closes his hand around it. A magic gesture is made, and his ring has changed into the spectator’s ring. The spectator uncovers the lock, and hanging from the loop of the lock is the magician’s ring.

What you’ve got here, is a padlock which will allow you to switch items. The method is clever, but you will have to spend some time practicing with the lock so that your actions look genuine. There are other routines included, but the Acer routine is the most logical. The other routines require that you fold up a business card (or a borrowed bill), punch a hole in it and thread it onto the loop of the lock. This makes no sense to me. If your goal is to switch a small folded paper object, it would be far more logical to use a David Hoy’s pen gimmick.

In addition to the lock, you’ll also receive a well written instruction booklet and two wedding bands to use with the Acer routine. (These are standard sized men’s rings, although for my hands they were way too big.) I’m on the fence as to how useful this prop actually is, but if the effect appeals to you, it’s worth checking out.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, April 1999)
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