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Random Acts of Magic by David Acer

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Details: Prepare to be intrigued, delighted, elated – Random Acts of Magic is an inspired and inspiring collection of more than 60 brand new, bread-and-butter goodies, tightened and refined over thousands of shows, lectures and television appearances! You’ll find astonishing tricks with cards, coins, markers, cell phones, matchbooks, matches, receipts, elastics, bottles, balls, bills, wallets, ties, spoons and finger rings, plus anecdotes, road stories, and the first 12 hilarious, thought-provoking essays from David’s column in Genii magazine! Plus much more…


9 Introduction to the Foreword By Barry Julien By David Acer
10 Foreword By Barry Julien
13 Introduction By David Acer

16 Chapter 1: Extrovert at the Card Table
17 Over Easy: Small packet version of Triumph; (The Biddle Steal); Flippant (Looy Simonoff)
21 Changes: Shapeshifter (Marc Desouza); Natural Grip Radical Change (Richard Kaufman); Impromptu Changes
29 Over Easier (Max Maven) 
32 Lucky Day: Hindu Bottom Slip Shuffle
36 Splittant Aces: Side Steal; Splittant (Richard Sanders & David Acer)
39 Splittant Jr.
41 Colour Inversion: Hindu Shuffle Force; Snap Colour Change (Cardini)
46 Uppity (with Jay Sankey)
51 The Madden Force (Ryan Madden)
53 Separation Anxiety
57 Count On It (with Jay Sankey)
61 Repeat Offender : Tilt (Ed Marlo)
64 The Charlier Control (Michel Huot/Steve Duperre)
68 Overtime: Card Effect (Half Pass)
71 Child’s Play (with Jay Sankey): Two crayons predict cards that will be selected. Vernon Strip-Out Substitution (Dingle Variation)
76 Unlawful Entry (with Richard Sanders): Rub-A-Dub Vanish
80 Rub Down
82 Over Easy Scrambled (Joshua Jay)
88 The Flipwiches of Eastwick (with Jay Sankey): Flipwich; The Slip Change (Ben Harris)
95 Assimilation: Flushtration Count (Bro. John Hamman)
100 Royal Flash: Elmsley Count Plus One
105 Misguided Angels (with Jay Sankey): Angel on the back of a Bicycle card rotates 180 degrees, then every angel follows suit. Card can be given away.
113 The Sliding Double Lift
116 Open Time Traveler: magician travels back in time during a card trick; K.M. Move (Kardyro/Marlo)
120 Mad Card Disease: four corners of a torn card transpose with each other; Elmsley Count (Alex Elmsley)
130 Tangent
134 New Millennium Ace Deuce Trey: Up The Falls; Down The Falls
139 Time Boards (with Richard Sanders): Deck turns into a time-telling device. Slop Shuffle (Sid Lorraine); Winding The Pack (George Coon)
144 King’s Ransom: The Turnover Move; Deck Ping Chien; Hi Ho Silver (Paul Harris)
150 MouseHunt: Kosky Invisible Card Change (Gerald Kosky)
156 Switchback: The Touch Force (Gary Ouellet) 
166 Jim’s Pick: The Wild Card Turnover
172 Photo Finish (with Michel Huot)
175 Meta-Four: Multiple Shift Addition
180 Twice Removed (with Simon Lovell): a sentimental favorite (cards)
184 The Painted Deck: One-Hand Fan; Painting The Cards (Walter Cummings)
189 Party of 6: Six spectators select a card; one spectator is chosen, his/her selection matches the prediction; Selling The Spelling; Out #1: Mildly Bold; Out #2: Mildly Bolder; Out #3: The Automatic Line-Up Force; Poster Perfect (Patrik Kuffs)

200 Chapter 2: Magic by Mister Direction
201 Coke Induced: Spellbound Change #1 (Dai Vernon)
205 Unflappable: torn and restored matchbook effect
212 Ringworm (Richard Sanders): Ring and Rope routine – knot on a rope and a borrowed ring transpose
217 Make This Disappear
220 Upon Receipt
227 New Millennium Tenkai Pennies: spectator initialed coin joins magician’s initialed coin; then the initials join on one coin; Two-Card Monte Move with Coins; The Pointing Transfer (Jay Sankey & Richard Sanders)
234 Unburnt (Barry Julien): a burnt match is restored
239 Breakneck
240 Pocket Exchange (with Richard Sanders): Basic Vanish (Al Schneider) 
246 Hot Pursuit: Hofzinser Cull Force
251 High Invisibility: The Vanish; The Reappearance 
255 The Edible Coin (Torkova): Fully Completely
258 Bespectacle
261 Seedling: Laced (Jay Sankey)
264 Cap In Hand (with Jay Sankey): The Snapper Move (G.W. Hunter); Pumpkin Seed Vanish
269 Fresh Mint:  The Bending Coin
273 Plop! (Richard Sanders)
275 Packs a Wallet!
280 Under Foot (with Jay Sankey): Taking Advantage of a Fumble (J.B. Bobo); Sure Footed
285 Get Bent!
287 Take A Seat (with Michel Huot): Spectator is chosen randomly and turns out to be only one with an envelope under his/her seat
290 Mitosis: Cell-phone effect; Double-Sided Notepad

296 Chapter 3: Confessions of a Road Warrior (David’s first 12 Genii articles)
297 Introduction
299 1.Bombing
301 2. The Suits Vs. The Talent
303 3. Books Vs. Videos
317 4. Oh Canada
320 5. The “Witness” Approach
322 6. Prop-aganda
324 7. Pet Peeves
330 8. The Dark Side
334 9. A Piece of the Rock
335 10. The Fine Art of Bio Writing
344 11. The Julien Incident
345 12. Five Card Mental Farce

  • Publisher: Camirand Academy of Magic Inc.
  • Pages: 350
  • Location: Canada
  • Dimensions: 7″x10″
  • Date: 2004
  • Binding: hardbound

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