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Crystal Cleaver (T-155) by Tenyo

(c. 1992) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: A ring (which may be borrowed) is placed in a crystal casket and the top is closed. The box is covered with an empty tube. A magical cleaver (a small sword) is inserted into the top of the tube, and then magically pushed through the crystal casket and through the ring. When the tube is removed, the sword is through the ring inside the casket. CRYSTAL CLEAVER is one of the most popular and one of the best clever tenyo tricks of all time.

The method for Crystal Cleaver is similar to Wolfgang Grosskopf’s Ring Escape and Ring Tower c. 1986. and although I don’t know for sure if it was an influence on the effect, given that Grosskopf’s effect was released at least six years earlier it is reasonable to think that Toru Suzuki was influenced by the earlier effect.

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2 reviews for Crystal Cleaver (T-155) by Tenyo

  1. Keith Noaker

    Crystal Cleaver The Best

    One of the best Tenyo tricks ever invented. I have 3 of them and I use one for my close-up show. The craftmanship put into this effect, well you just have to buy one to see for yourself.
    It’s Fantastic!

  2. Anonymous

    A Complete Fooler

    This is one of my favorite closeup tricks. I’ve yet to have anyone figure this out. Even other magicians and my significant other couldn’t fathom the secret of this diabolically clever trick! Get it!

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