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Ultimate Ring and String by Jay Leslie

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Effect: The performer displays an engraved heavy brass, Chinese coin. A length of cord is threaded through the coin. After pulling on the cord to prove the coin is indeed on, it visibly melts off. The performer states ” This time I’ll put the coin ON the string”. Both ends of the string are tied into a knot. Quick as wink the coin penetrates on the string and the everything handed out for examination. So far so good. Now for the master moves that elevate your performance to exceptional. With no tricky business, the coin is visually removed, replaced, removed then again replaced on the string leaving the audience completely mystified. The coin is handed out for examination with no clue as to how it was done. The entire routine flows and looks like real magic.

What Jay Leslie invented is a never before-available gimmick that controls a gimmick. The linking and removal of the coin looks smooth, natural and effortless. We supply a shell, regular coin and split coin with Jay Leslie’s original gimmick. All three coins are beautiful and highly polished.

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Approx. Price: $85.00 (2002) ***

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2 reviews for Ultimate Ring and String by Jay Leslie

  1. Andy Martin

    Wow heavy brass and beautiful gimmick!

    Jay Leslie has a real winner on his hands – these coins are truly beautiful. You aren’t afraid of bending these babies! They shine great and the gimmick really allows for a truely impressive version of this tried old chestnut. Yes you have to learn a few basic moves, but heck sometimes you have to put some effort into our art.

    Very nice job Jay – keep me on your mailing list for more!

  2. Todd Reis

    Excellent routine and props

    First class hand-made Chinese coins and a terrific routine that fools even Mensans. Excellent instructional video included.

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