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Colourama by Alan Warner

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Effect: A holder contains six wooden tablets, each tablet having a recessed spot on its face. Each spot is a different colour.

The tablets are removed from the holder and laid out face down in a line on the table. A SPECTATOR HAS A 100% FREE SELECTION OF ANY ONE OF THE TABLETS, indicating his choice by placing a finger on the back of the tablet. This tablet is then either picked up and given to the spectator to hold until it is time for him to reveal the colour of the spot, or the tablet is turned over on the table to show the colour of the spot. IN EACH CASE THE COLOUR WILL ALWAYS BE RED, THE FORCE COLOUR.

The five remaining tablets can all be shown to be different colours at any time during the routine.


  • The holder is made in teak.
  • Decorated with boxwood banding set in relief.
  • The tablets measure 6 x 3.6 cms.

The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

Notice: The apparatus supplied will automatically force the colour red, but an alternative colour can be made to order on request.

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Approx. Price: $200.00 (2005) ***

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1 review for Colourama by Alan Warner

  1. Andy Martin

    Forcing a Color with Style!

    Here we have another return visitor to my Alan Warner collection – Colourama. If you want a clean force of a color then this is the one.

    You show an elegant teak holder with 6 small tablets. Each of the tablets has a recessed spot on its face, and each spot is a different color. You lay the tablets out in front of the spectator face down and they can choose any one with no force. You place the one they chose off to the side and now show that each of remaining tablets are clearly a different color. The spectator can then turn over the one they selected and it will always be the force color (in this case red).

    As with all of Alan’s work he goes the extra mile. In this particular case he added a feature that enables the spectator to pick-up the force tablet without any fear of the secret being found.

    The other neat feature about this effect is that reset is as simple as dropping the chosen color back into the holder along with the other tablets and you are ready to roll again. Alan will make up custom colors for you if you ask so if you want to force different colors you can.

    BTW, I must note that although I am British, since moving to the USA in 1990 I have tried to spell color the American way without the "u". However, since "Colourama" is the name of the effect I keep the "u" in there. I don’t mind admiting I get very confused when I spell color when describing this effect! I blame it all on the Americans (of which I am now one) for taking a fine language and destroying the spelling!!!

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