Colour Coins by Mark Leveridge, Per Clausen

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Effect: If you enjoy performing coin magic then COLOR COINS should be of great interest to you.

Many magicians use half dollar coins in their magic because the size, weight and feel of them is just right for what they wish to do. But they are not very visual.

Enter COLOR COINS. This special set comprises of 9 brightly colored discs made of brass which are the same size and approximate thickness as a half dollar, but which show up so much better and which look so much more attractive.

Any coin routine that you currently do can probably be achieved with COLOR COINS. But in the instructions you receive with this set you receive 6 effects ready to perform.

  • Mindreader – a spectator successfully names the correct one of five different colored coins removed by the magician.
  • Chink-A-Chink – the classic matrix done with four red coins, with a kicker finish when they all change to four different colors!
  • Box Jumpers – a red coin is dropped into a brass box and instantly changes places with a yellow coin.
  • Tri-Colour Coin – spellbound type triple color change of a single chip.
  • Confusing Coins – a ‘Hopping Halves’ type routine in which two different colored coins keep jumping together before changing color entirely.
  • Coin Box- a simple Okito Box sequence in which a color coin jumps in and out of the box then finishes by changing color.

You receive the 9 coins and a slimline brass Okito Box with weighted base. All the routines are performed and fully explained on the 45 minute instruction DVD* which comes with the set.

These beautiful coins, manufactured exclusively for us by Per Clausen, will transform your coin work and add a touch of class and color to every routine you perform.

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