Color Chips In Mind by Magic Wagon, Magiro

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This is a new version of Magiro’s Super Chips released by Eckhard Boettcher c. 1992.  It was also carried by Howard Schwarzman in the USA through his Limited Editions line of magic.  Although Magic Wagon are much better at citing their sources in recent years, they made no mention of the creator when they released this c. 2008.

I really love this item from those great guys over at Magic Wagon. It is a simple concept but works very effectively without any electronics, rolling balls, or similar subterfuges. You place the elegant chip holder on the table and have four spectators each choose a chip and place it in their pocket with your back turned.

When you turn around you pick-up the box and hand it out for examination, there is nothing to be found, and yet you can name precisely who has each chip. Everything is clean. I really like this principle and it is a small unit that is quick to reset and makes is very practical to use.

Effect: A small stand with four differently colored chips is displayed. While the performer’s back is turned, four spectators are each allowed to remove one chip and put it in his pocket. Without any questions asked, the performer turns around and correctly names which chip each spectator holds and, of course, everything can be left on the table for the spectators to examine!

You can use this with four spectators, or with a single spectator, who can place a chip in his left trouser pocket, right trouser pocket, breast shirt pocket and finally the one under their hand.

No electronics, no magnets, no threads, no stooges, no forces, no magician’s choices & no pre-show!

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