Chip Stakes by Steve Dusheck, Tony Baronio

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This effect is based on one phase of Larry Becker’s Casino Royale with a different method.

Effect: It is a perfect effect for magicians and mentalists. You can do it close-up or on stage. It is easy to do, self-contained and almost instantly repeatable. A spectator is handed a prediction to hold. Twelve real chips from various Las Vegas Casinos are freely shown and mixed. The spectator then freely cuts the stack of chips and announces the name of the Casino the chip is from. The prediction is opened by the spectator. You never touch it. Your prediction is 100% correct! This is a miracle!

These real casino chips are beautiful, interesting and natural-looking props. They are very impressive and much more effective than playing cards. Along with the authentic poker chips, you receive instructions detailing other easy to do tricks and routines. You can do Chip Stakes as a quick trick for a friend or make it a featured routine in your act. You will love the method and the props and the effects you can do. It will become one of your favorites. Comes complete with the beautifully-made chips, a special insulated mug used in one of the routines and complete instructions.

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