Dusheck’s Coin Magic by Steve Dusheck

(c. 1992)

Have you ever caught yourself sitting there aimlessly tossing one of your silver coins back and forth between your uninspired hands while contemplating spending them as you would any of the miscellaneous change in your pocket. Well ponder such a desecration of your magical apparatus no more! Steve Dusheck once again, presents a new hardbound book of original magic tricks and ideas! These wonderful coin effects, in the typical creative Dusheck style, are as practical and novel, as they are ingenious.

You will learn how to pass a half-dollar through your leg. Also how to balance a penny on your finger and change it to a mini penny by touching it with a playing card. You will learn how to changed a coin into a mini coin in a glass of water and how to produce a jumbo coin or other items from a silk handkerchief. You will also learn many more fantastic effects! In fact there are thirty-three brilliant effects in all! This one hundred twenty-eight-page treasure chest of unique coin magic can turn your very perception of money magic into a new vibrant vision surging with enthusiasm!

  • Publisher: American Magic Company
  • Pages: 118
  • Location: Harrisburg, PA, USA
  • Edited by: James M. Klein
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1992
  • Binding: hardbound

Approx. Price: $5.00 (05/2003) ***

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