Chinese Wonderframe (Chinesischer Wunderrahmen) by Magiro

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The “Chinese Wonderframe” incorporates a seldom used trick principle, yet is easy to do and completely convincing.

Effect: The spectator selects one of five ESP Symbol cards. His choice is completely free. The selected card is attached to the top of a glass in a frame with Scotch Tape. The magician claims to be able to make the card disappear … very briefly is the frame turned around and when it is brought back into view … it looks like the magician has failed as the card is still fully visible.

Admitting defeat the spectator is asked to remove the card from the glass. To everyone’s surprise the card is now inside the frame behind the glass. It has seemingly penetrated the glass! The routine requires to turn the performers back to the audience for a mere second or use a supplied cover


  • The card could also start in the frame and suddenly be on top of the glass.
  • The same card that is taped to the glass ends up inside.
  • Nothing needs to be added or taken away.
  • The performer does not touch the card after it is glued to the glass, yet it takes only two seconds to move it inside the frame.
  • There are no openings in the glass.

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