Dracula’s Flight by Philipp Saller

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With Dracula’s escape, you get a real micro magical treasure. The props are hand crafted with great attention to detail. 

Effect: You open a small miniature coffin. Inside is a wood Paddle, on which there is a picture of Count Dracula. Remove the paddle from the coffin and show that the Dracula image is on both sides of the Paddle. As everyone knows, vampires, do not have a mirror image so in order to demonstrate that it is a real vampire, hold the Paddle before a small mirror located inside the coffin lid.  And although you will clearly see the Vampire on the top side you will not see him in the reflection in the mirror.  Yet the second you turn the paddle over he is there again.

And the story continues to a satisfying climax.


  • Dracula Paddle with hole and vampire-illustration on a page
  • Blank Paddle (not shown) with hole.
  • Vampire hunters set with stake and hammer
  • Wooden coffin with a hidden magnet in the base and mirror foil in the lid
  • Metal insert plate (black / mirror) for the coffin.
  • Magnetic grave plate with cross
  • Color point with bat silhouette

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Approx. Price: $105.00 (2014) ***

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